Train in practicing vet clinics and working farms

Animal Sciences
Animal Sciences

Gain experience and qualifications in a hands-on way with Murdoch’s Animal Science degree.

Discover how you can help improve the health, welfare and performance of animals in working animal and production businesses, and study at the only on-campus vet hospital and working farm in Perth.

Learn from professionals and researchers in animal management, agricultural practices, disease control and molecular DNA techniques. Get to know the ins-and-outs of how food and fibre production works, and how to improve these methods.

You can tailor your studies to your interests by studying a double major in topics like Animal Health, Crop and Pasture Science, Marine Science, and Conservation and Wildlife Biology.

You’ll have the opportunity to solve complex problems at the State Agricultural Biotechnology Centre, work on independent research projects and take advantage of a diverse range of practical placements with industry leaders in the field.