Craft a career in the Arts with Murdoch's double majors


Murdoch’s Arts degrees enable you to pair double majors, so you can create more career opportunities without adding extra time.

There are many passions and paths you can explore within the Arts industry. That’s why we let you customise your Arts degree, without adding course time. You can choose double major topics like Australian Indigenous Studies, Photography, Public Relations, Radio and Web Communication, and complete them all in the same three year degree.

Murdoch has all the resources you need to get experience in the areas you’re interested in. Hone your skills in a professional environment using our industry-standard studios and media labs. Get hands on with the latest equipment and technology in Games Art and Design, Graphic Design, Journalism, Radio, Screen Production, Sound, Theatre and Web Communication.

You'll learn from industry professionals and develop a critical appreciation of the perspectives of others, as well as a keen eye for capturing social, human and natural phenomena. Plus you can take advantage of the world-class research that underpins our expertise in communications, creative arts and humanities.