Think a degree that will allow you to work with elite athletes

Exercise Science
Exercise Science

Train in fully equipped exercise physiology, strength and conditioning, and performance laboratories.

Whether it’s achieving peak performance in elite athletes, or helping seniors remain active, a degree in Exercise Science will give you the skills you need to help all people in the community to improve their daily lives.

At Murdoch, you will learn the theory you need paired with practical skills ensuring you are able to use your degree to enhance human performance and health. You will explore human movement through the study of biomechanics and motor control, and gain an understanding of the physiological influence of exercise in both elite athletes and disease populations. The course will cover exercise physiology, strength and conditioning and clinical exercise physiology units.

With on-campus facilities, including exercise physiology, rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, and performance laboratories, your learning will be hands-on. You will learn using the same techniques and equipment which have made Exercise Science at Murdoch University a premier location for human performance and health research.

You will have the flexibility to complete a double major in Movement Science and Sport and Health Science with no added time. Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to register with Exercise and Sports Science Australia as an Exercise Scientist. You can also apply for direct entry into our new integrated Clinical Exercise Physiology degree which will provide you with a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Exercise Physiology and the ability to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

With the importance of physical activity in maintaining health and well-being growing, graduates have opportunities to work with a range of clients including clients wanting to improve their fitness, through to individuals living with conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and arthritis. Or you could pursue a career within elite sporting teams or in an occupational rehabilitation setting.