Think of a Law degree with overseas internships


Work with real files, real clients and real global issues through Murdoch Law.

When it comes to law, not everything is black and white. Training in real-world courtrooms and legal clinics will help you hone your debating and reasoning skills against legal experts and other students.

At Murdoch, you'll train in simulated professional settings in our fully-equipped electronic moot court. You'll be able to use what you've learnt by providing legal advice to people in need through our partnership with Southern Communities Advocacy Legal Education Services (SCALES).

You could tackle topics like Business Law, Criminology, Legal Studies, or Social and Development Psychology through a double major. As well as completing a Law degree, you could also choose to complete bachelor degrees in Arts, Business or Science and graduate in five years.

Or you can choose to broaden your Law experience by completing units overseas in Italy and Switzerland.

By learning how to relate your Law studies to all aspects of life, from human rights to commercial and criminal law, you'll work towards a rewarding career where you can really make a difference.