Understand human behaviour with Psychology at Murdoch


Gain real-world skills from experts in the field and first-class research programs.

Human behaviour is relevant to everything we do. By studying Psychology at Murdoch, you’ll gain insight into why and how people act as they do. You’ll also gain skills that will prepare you for roles not only in the field of psychology, but across industries such as marketing, management, human resources and health science.

With a psychology degree at Murdoch, you’ll explore human behaviour and how we make sense of ourselves and others. You’ll learn directly from experts in the field about the cognitive, social, developmental, clinical and organisational aspects of psychology. Murdoch will teach you established psychological knowledge paired with the latest research and emerging trends in the field.

Learning at Murdoch is hands-on, and not only will you be learning from industry professionals, you’ll also have the chance to work with our industry partners in child and adolescent health, hospitals and private settings.

Studying at Murdoch means you’ll also have the flexibility to tailor your studies to your interests, choosing to team your psychology units with arts and humanities subjects (BA) or with science subjects (BSc). Either way you’ll be equipped with communication, research, analytics and interpersonal skills so you’re job ready for a wide range of roles when you graduate. 

Or, once you’re finished, you can opt to complete a fourth year of study such as our Graduate Diploma or Honours program to be eligible for provisional registration with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). You’ll also have opportunities to become involved in the Murdoch Projects KIDS or gain training in assessing and treating people at the Murdoch Psychology clinic.