Alex McVey

Law student

Environemntal Engineering
Environemntal Engineering

Law (Honours) and History.

South Street, Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore.

Alex McVey is just about to graduate. After spending the last six years studying a double degree in Honours Law and Arts (History), he’s almost completed his thesis on Maritime Law and is ready to embark on his career.

Alex made the most of all the practical and international opportunities available at Murdoch, especially the overseas experiences. “I‘ve studied Human Rights in Geneva, been on exchange to Sweden, competed in Singapore on the Mooting program and am a member of the Law Society—Murdoch has given me amazing opportunities.”

In 2014, Alex packed his bags and headed to Lund University in Sweden on exchange. He signed up to join Kalmar Nation, one of the university’s thirteen student unions, where he studied, worked, and met people from all over the world. “They have student unions you can join at the beginning of the semester — it’s almost like Hogwarts Houses,” he says.

Law has taken me to Sweden, Switzerland and Singapore. In my final year there’s still so many amazing opportunities heading my way!

His degree then took him to Geneva to study Human Rights. This gave him a real-world understanding of the human side of law; a topic he’s become passionate about.

Alex stayed at the John Knox Centre, amongst all the United Nations buildings, where he tackled two units relating to the legal protection of international human rights and related organisations. “The legal protection unit was more theoretical and the other was a practical unit,” he says. “Human rights are such a complicated topic, but studying this type of law gives you the opportunity to place it in context. All of our laws have some human rights aspect to them and they impact people on a day-to-day basis. It’s nice to be able to understand how that actually works.”

“You realise that law does actually impact people; law is a people thing. It’s not just a case law or legislation thing — people’s lives are involved. It made me realise there’s more to law than just what’s written on a piece of paper.”

Even back in Perth, Alex continues to be hands-on by making time to tutor fellow law students and participate in Murdoch’s mooting programs and mock trials. One program even took him to Singapore, where his team earned top prize at a maritime moot. “I’m in my last year and there are still all these amazing opportunities for me,” he says.