Chris Andrews

Education student


Health and Physical Education.

Cricket, Coaching and the Classroom.

Chris Andrews is inspired by fitness, and believes children should be inspired by and grow up with positive role models in their lives. Motivated by his experience as a kids’ cricket coach, he’s turning these inspirations into his dream career by becoming a primary school physical education teacher.

Not only is Chris is studying Education full-time while working as a personal trainer and lecturer at TAFE, he’s also just completed his first practical experience. Like all of Murdoch’s students, he was able to put his skills and knowledge to the test in the classroom.

“I loved being able to interact with the kids,” he says of his first teaching prac. “Watching how children learn and finding ways to engage them was a great experience. I’ve always enjoyed working with children but now I definitely know, when I graduate, that I want to teach in primary schools.”

I’m passionate about fitness, and I believe that children need good role models. I really want to be that person.

Chris’ journey back to school actually started at another university over a decade ago. “I started at another uni when I was younger, but I found there was a lack of support, and there wasn’t a great community vibe.” Although he left that institution, his dreams never left him. “If you really want something in life, you’ll do anything to get it.” That’s when some of Chris’ friends told him that Murdoch University might be the right place for him to become a teacher.

“My friends told me that Murdoch was a great place to study at, and there was a lot of help from the tutors and lecturers with assessments. They felt it would actually suit me and my personality to be at Murdoch!” It turns out they were right. “What makes Murdoch stand apart is the friendly staff that teach and support you. The atmosphere has a sensational vibe and motivates me to want to rock up to uni and succeed.”

Now settled into university life, Chris gives this advice to other students considering going back to study. “Balancing full-time work and study has definitely been a challenge,” he admits, "but entering as a mature-aged student has actually been fantastic. If it’s something you want to do, you’ll definitely be able to do it. Plus, I’m back playing cricket again.”