Kurt Senior

Nursing student

Kurt, Nursing student
Kurt, Nursing student


From FIFO to Royal Flying Doctors.

As an occupational health and safety officer in the resources sector, Kurt Senior loved helping others. But when the mining and construction industry hit hard times, he was forced to rethink the industry he was in.

“I worked up north – fly-in, fly-out for quite a while – in occupational health and safety,” Kurt says. “I started getting more interested in the health side of things."" That’s when he decided that Nursing at Murdoch University was where he wanted to be. “This course offers the job I want to do long term,” Kurt says. “I love it.”

Kurt has taken every practical opportunity that has come his way. So when he had the opportunity to take part in a three-week rural practical in Thailand with his fellow Murdoch Nursing students, he jumped at the chance. “We were in Chiang Mai, which is in the north, mainly administering primary healthcare — head-to-toe health checks.”

I took up an opportunity to go to Thailand to practice rural nursing mid-year. We were in Chiang Mai, which is in the north, mainly administering primary healthcare.

Murdoch University’s overseas rural nursing program let Kurt apply his expertise treating people who can’t normally afford basic healthcare. “Most of our mobile health clinic locations were at very inaccessible villages up in the mountains,” Kurt explains. “We had no power or running water; we used rainwater from gravity fed tanks. It was a huge change from what I was used to, but I really enjoyed it.”

Chiang Mai was quite different from the Mandurah Campus and the simulation suites he was used to. “Murdoch has a really good set-up,” Kurt says. “The clinical lab is realistic — similar to tertiary care hospitals. I find the tutors really, really good too.”

In his final year of study, Kurt is looking forward to rejoining the workforce. “All of next year is practical; I’ll be placed all over at different hospitals. I can’t wait to get hands-on in a hospital.” He's also completed training as a volunteer ambulance officer. “I do a lot of volunteer ambo work,” Kurt says. “It’s exciting; you get a bit of an adrenaline rush.”

Kurt wants to eventually use his qualifications and skills to join the Royal Flying Doctor Service, and help treat people in remote communities who don’t have access to health services.