Maria Pots

Science student

Maria, Veterinary Science student
Maria, Veterinary Science student

Animal Science and Veterinary Science.

14,000 Kilometres and 1,500 Cows.

Maria Pots is dedicated to becoming a veterinarian. After arriving in Australia eight years ago, this Dutch-born animal lover knew she could make it happen at Murdoch.

In the last twelve months alone, Maria has worked with pigs at a breeder farm, cattle in Esperance and horses at Murdoch’s own working farms and vet clinic. She even learnt how to flip cows and vaccinate them. “The cattle prac was a one-week prac,” Maria-Lousia explains. “I worked very closely with one of the most renowned cattle veterinarians in Australia. We spent five days ‘tagging’ 1,500 cattle. Tagging is a process when you run them through the raceway, which is like a path, and you put them on a cradle, which is like a table, and you flip them over for safe vaccinations.”

I love the hands-on aspects of the course, the pracs where we get to interact with the animals. I learned how to flip a cow by myself — it’s pretty cool.

Her experience hasn’t just been about the animals either. Maria is also a Murdoch Student Ambassador, which means she’s helped hundreds of future students as they've decided to embark on university studies and apply with Murdoch. “I’m loving it. I’ve been able work with amazing people.”

So what’s Maria’s advice for people who are still deciding what they want to study? “If you don’t know what to do, grab a book of all the courses. Go to Open Day and talk to the lecturers to see what it’s like.”

Maria attended several Murdoch Open Days before she chose to take on tertiary study. “There were hearts on display, and lungs. I liked talking to the lecturers, walking through the classrooms and just getting a feel for everything. I really liked Murdoch because they catered for mature-age students too.”

Maria is applying for Murdoch’s highly-competitive Veterinary Science course. “This year will be the first year I am applying for vet studies,” she says. “I’ve spent the last two years building my resume and preparing myself — which will help my chances of getting accepted. I’m doing a whole bunch of extra curricular activities. I will be a vet one day.”

Maria was accepted into Murdoch's Veterinary Science course and is working towards her goal of becoming a Veterinarian.