Rhys Gustafsson

Engineering student

Rhys, Engineering student
Rhys, Engineering student

Environmental Engineering.

Connecting people and the environment.

Rhys is aiming to make a positive impact on the environment. It could be developing waste water treatment technologies for developing countries with polluted water sources. Or it could be working with energy, carbon, waste management or sustainable buildings. He’s keen on pursuing any of these options, just as long as he’s tackling the important issues.

“In one of my units, we designed a waste water treatment wetland. This was based on a real-life situation where a community group was dissatisfied with the effluent that was going into the estuary from the treatment plant. We talked with them and worked out a design that could do what needed to be achieved.”

Connecting people to create sustainable solutions seems to be a recurring theme in Rhys’ university experience. “I played a leading role in organising the World Student Environmental Network Conference which brought students together from around the world to discuss environmental issues.”

Running an international environmental summit for university students was one of my stand-out moments. It was a completely student run summit that was originally developed in Japan 10 years ago. It was a really rewarding experience and I learnt a lot.

Rhys has also made the most of having access to Murdoch’s academics with strong ties to industry. “The small class sizes are definitely a benefit because of the increased contact you have to the academics, which for me personally, has provided so many opportunities. The first who comes to mind is my Academic Chair. Just seeing his motivation and enthusiasm towards the environment and engineering is an inspiration. He constantly seeks to learn, educate, create ideas and connect people.”

Rhys will soon graduate and start to apply his Murdoch experiences to the real-world, to not only progress his own career, but to help out other people. “The academics are enthusiastic and that wears off on the students. We’ll leave university feeling like we can make a change. I hope to be able to inspire and create opportunities for others, just like my lecturers have done for me.”