Sharnee Reid

Psychology student

Sharnee, Psychology student
Sharnee, Psychology student

Psychology and Australian Indigenous Studies.

AIMEing for social justice.

Sharnee Reid has always been fascinated by the makeup of people, their identities and Indigenous Australian culture. So when she found out that she could study two majors that made her own mind tick, she put herself on the path towards a degree that could set her up to work in social services.

It’s Sharnee’s own makeup that sees these interests so ingrained in her. “I do have Indigenous heritage but my family doesn’t know a lot about it. And when I was younger, I used to draw different types of people and make up personalities for them—it was something weird I used to do! But I’ve always been interested in personalities, what makes people who they are, as well as my own Aboriginal history. I think my studies are my way of getting in touch with all of that.”

Sharnee set herself on the track towards helping others by experiencing that support herself, here at Murdoch. “I always put uni on a really high pedestal. So I met with student services to investigate my options and they told me about OnTrack.”

I chose Psychology because I’ve always been intrigued by people and the way they behave. I also believe that Indigenous Australians deserve more social justice. So I chose a degree where I could bring these two majors together.

Sharnee set herself up for her university successes by first completing Murdoch’s free 14-week university preparation course. “OnTrack taught me the fundamentals of uni, like how to reference, study effectively and complete assignments. It’s given me a support network, helped me build good relationships with my tutors and lecturers, and now that I’m completing my Bachelor I’m doing better than I ever expected and I love what I study!”

Now Sharnee is returning the favour by helping others achieve academic success, and supporting young Indigenous students – something she wants to eventually turn into a career. Whilst completing her Murdoch studies Sharnee is working with AIME, a mentoring program that helps young Indigenous students develop the confidence and skills they need to finish schooling.

“Mentoring Indigenous high school students has been an awesome experience. It’s really nice to see our local Indigenous youth step up and grow as individuals.” After volunteering as an AIME mentor in the first year, Sharnee has since stepped up into a new role as an AIME Program Manager Assistant.

“My studies definitely led me to wanting a position with AIME. The more I learnt in Indigenous Studies, the more passionate I felt about closing the gap. After uni, I want to continue social work –where I can provide social justice in Australia’s culture.”